Global Intermed is pleased to announce that it has acquired an Ann Arbor Digital Systems dealership and will be providing the A2D2 Digital Radiography System for podiatrists in the USA as well as abroad. The A2D2 System is one of the latest x-ray digitizers on the market that does not require media transfers to get the image into the computer. The system is synchronized to the x-ray timer so that firing it digitizes the analog gamma photons to produce an x-ray image within approximately 6 seconds on the computer monitor. Moreover, the system does not rely on bulky photo multiplication tubes, expensive chip arrays or phosphorus cassettes to digitize the image. This means that the doctor can look forward to many years of dependable service from this unit without having to worry about expensive maintenance and/or repair costs.
     The system comes with the A2D2 software package that will enable the doctor to save the images in the standard professional dicom format or as popular and common jpeg or bmp files for transfer and storage. The software includes measuring tools as well as image manipulation features like Optical Zoom (up to 150%), Contrast, Light & Dark, Number & Annotation Inserts and many of the others found in most common graphics viewer programs. The created images currently have a 12 mega-pixel resolution.
     The unit and software can be run on a desk-top or lap-top computer that includes a 3 GHz Intel Pentium D Processor, 1 GB of RAM, a CD/ DVD and a 160 GB hard drive. The Intel compatible based software can be used with just about any common office network. A 17" flat panel LCD monitor (or greater) is recommended (1600 x 1200 resolution) as is a high grade printer. An AC power adapter yielding 5 V DC provides the unit's energy requirements. A UPS battery pack and required cables is included with the package.    

     This system eliminates completely the need for cassettes and chemical processing along with the required chemical disposal as well as chemical and maintenance costs. In addition, the unit is more efficient time-wise in that it eliminates the need to develop x-ray films as a separate process. Eliminating films altogether means the doctor no longer has to waste space storing them. 

     These units can be purchased immediately. Call 440.333.0007 and ask for Mark to discuss how we can upgrade your office to a 21st Century Standard today!

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