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   Sample Photos - Treatment Chairs

     Global Intermed (GI) carries a number of Treatment Chairs in their inventory that change on a day-to-day basis. Treatment Chairs can be divided into three general categories based on function. Full Function Chairs are those that go up & down, have power tilt and back & leg breaks. Three Quarter Function Chairs have all the functions of Full Function units but do not have a leg break. Many manufacturers of chairs in this category fix the leg section in an approximate 15 degree declined position (relative to the seat) although some fabricate them level with the seat. Half Function Chairs have power tilt and back breaks. Most of these chairs come with foot extensions and debris trays as OEM.

     GI specializes in creating custom chairs for all of the Medical Specialties that include, but are not limited to, upholstery in choice of color, custom foot sections for Vascular Exam chairs, custom frames for PT and Orthopedic units, custom Tables for the Chiropractic Specialty, fitted debris trays for Podiatry Chairs and arms for any Treatment/Exam Chair that were not originally equipped with them at the time of manufacture. All Global Intermed Chairs are thoroughly refurbished prior to delivery to include the replacement of worn mechanical parts, repair or replacement of upholstery and the fitting of custom additions in accordance with the Buyer's specifications. In addition, all GI Chairs come with a minimal six month 100% parts & labor or replacement warranty while some include a 1 year 100% parts & labor or replacement warranty. GI's warranties are some of the most comprehensive and longest in the industry. Specific Chair warranties are available upon request.

     Cost ranges for the various categories are as follows generally: $1800 - $4000 for Full Function Chairs; $1800 - $2500 for Three Quarter Function Chairs; and $1200 -$1500 for half function chairs with a few exceptions. Midmark  416 Chairs typically cost $2500 and Midmark 417 Chairs run $3800 - $4000 refurbished with new upholstery in a choice of color. Additional Custom Accessories can increase the cost of an any individual unit. Contact us so that we can provide you with Treatment and Exam Tables & Chairs that are certain to meet your practice needs. 

     GI provides delivery services to the Eastern and South Eastern areas of the US to provide our clients with additional savings in shipping costs. Shipping beyond those areas is available World Wide. GI has a number of leasing companies that specialize in financing Medical & Surgical Equipment for our clients so that they can acquire the most cost effective underwriting for their equipment needs. Finally, GI offers a 10% discount for all orders in excess of $20,000.  Let us know how we can help.        

Full Function Chairs

             Ritter 75F (1)                                                 Ritter 75F (2)                                                   PDM (1)

         Ritter Sybron (1)                     Midmark 119                             PDM (2)                                   PDM (3)
Dexta                                  Ritter PB                                     Hill                             Ritter Evolution (1)
     Ritter Evolution (2)                     PDM (4)                                     Hamilton                        Ritter Sybron (2)

                 PDM (5)                                     MTI (1)                                                  Midmark 114

Three Quarter Function Chairs

        Midmark 117 (1)                   MIdmark 317 (1)                    Midmark 417                      Midmark 117 (2)

        PDM (6)                                PDM (7)                          Midmark 317 (2)                         PDM (8)  

               PDM (9)                            PDM (10)                                PDM (11)                               Boyd (1)

   Boyd (2)                                 Boyd (3)                                MTI (2)                                  Boyd (4)

    PDM (12)                               PDM (13)                              PDM (14)                              PDM (15)

Half Function Chairs

           Boyd (5)                                   Boyd (6)                               Boyd (7)                                  PDM (16)
                         Boyd (8)                                         PDM (17)                                     Midmark 416
               Moss                                    MTI (3)                                  PDM (18)                               MTI (4)


     The above Sample Photos represent Treatment Chairs that we commonly carry in our inventory. Any particular chair can be upholstered in a color of choice and accessory items added (arms, debris trays, etc. - when not already equipped) to meet our clients' specifications. Let us know how we can help. Contact us at:

Global Intermed
19876 Henry Rd.
Fairview Park, OH 44126


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