Howmedica Mini-Frame External Fixation Set

     External Fixation devices were first developed by the Russians in the former Soviet Union. The fixation hardware and techniques were designed to lengthen the long bones of the upper and lower extremities that were shortened as a result of congenital abnormalities. It also proved to be invaluable as a means to maintain bone length while treating trauma cases, osteomyelitis and during the healing phase following malignant osseous resections. In addition, external fixation enables surgeons to  treat non-union and comminuted fractures without having to perform concurrent open reduction procedures that could cause or contribute to post-operative vascular embarrassment in many cases.

     Although the first hardware sets were designed and manufactured for use in treating the long bones of the upper & lower extremities, mini external fixation sets were soon created after to treat osseous conditions in the hands and the feet. One of the biggest advantages in using external fixation devices and techniques is that the frames can be adjusted in a segmented fashion to introduce opposing force loads to the long axis of the treated bone. This applied tension in turn can increase the length of the bone by way of adaptive healing. Restated, the surgeon can lengthen a bone over time by increasing the tension periodically during the healing phase until he is satisfied that an acceptable length has been attained.

     In most instances, it is good to employ an external fixation set with a fluoroscope at the time of surgery to insure proper placement and alignment  of the pins and bone fragments. Follow up adjustments and healing progression can be documented during the post-op phase with traditional radiographs. Depending on where the pins and frame are located, it is also possible in many cases to have the patient undergo physical therapy to restore function while the affected bone length and apposition are maintained by the frame and pins.
     We currently have a Howmedica Min-Frame, Components, Instruments and Pin Case Set in stock. The Frame and Rod Components, Drills and Taps are located in the top tray with inserts to hold them in place during sterilization. The rest of the Instruments are located in a bottom along with additional hardware. The entire set is contained in a high grade SS case that keeps the instruments and components organized and makes the set easy to wrap and autoclave. The entire unit will be sold complete so that the surgeon will be able to start using it immediately. Further information can be provided by calling our office at 440.333.0007. Be sure to ask for Mark or Sue and let us know how we  can help. 

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