We currently have a number of Fluoroscan and Xiscan Mini C-Arms in stock. These units have 3" - 6" Image Intensifiers and come complete with mobile mounts, monitors, a thermal printer, cables & foot controls. The units are completely refurbished prior to sale including upgraded electronics and new paint when needed. We warrant all of our equipment for 1 year, 100% parts & labor or replacement. For more information, contact Sue or Mark.

         Fluoroscan (1)                     Fluoroscan (2)                     Xiscan (1)                        Xiscan (2)

     We upgrade all of our units with Windows Laptops and capture cards to digitize the analog x-ray images. This enables the doctor to save them in common Windows formats like jpg and bmp. In addition, Doctors are able to make a movie of a patient's examination if required. Once digitized, the images can be stored in any Windows compatible patient software program and can also be printed on any high grade Windows printer. Image copies printed with a standard high grade Windows printer on white copy paper are larger considerably than those produced by the thermal printer and far less expensive by eliminating the need to purchase thermal paper as a separate supply.  

     Many surgeons who employ A-O use these units to verify the proper closure of osteotomies, osseous alignment and the locations of their screws and/or plates intra-operatively and post-operatively. A number of MIS Surgeons prefer the security of being able to visualize the performance of their procedures rather than having to rely on palpation alone. An increasing number of doctors are using Mini C-arms to digitize their x-rays so as to avoid the significant costs required to purchase a separate image digitizing system. And, It is common knowledge within the profession that Mini C-Arms can be  invaluable when it comes to retrieving hardware or locating foreign bodies. Finally, the units have application in performing range of motion studies. 

The units are very portable so that they can be moved from room to room. The c-arm itself is supported with gas springs and secured with clamping knobs on a coaxial mount. Although the unit will come with a thermal printer, computer upgrades are making them more and more obsolete as time goes by. Being able to use white stationary paper instead of having to buy expensive thermal paper represents a real cost savings to the Doctor. Sterile disposable transparent covers are readily available for those who intend to use their mini c-arms inter-operatively. 

      Doctors use the 76000 CPT Code for billing and the UCR is higher than that for analogous conventional x-rays. Don't be mislead into paying more than market value for any given unit by dealers who claim they are the only ones who can warrant and support mini c-arms reliably.  Feel free to call or e-mail if you have any questions regarding our units including warranties and/or support. Leasing is available upon request. Let us know how we can help. Ask for Mark or Sue.

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