Lease Options

     Many of our doctors prefer to lease their equipment to take advantage of the opportunity to immediately expense the costs as well as to free up working capital. The way that a lease works is for the doctor to apply to the leasing company so that they can become qualified for the required amount. Once that is accomplished, Global Intermed will issue a purchase order for the selected equipment. Sometimes, the leaser will pay a certain amount of the lease immediately to cover necessary costs and the balance after the equipment is delivered. Other times, the entire amount is paid upon delivery. Either way, it is a very cost effective and efficient way for a doctor to acquire their podiatry equipment without having to pay the entire amount up front. Buy-back arrangements at the end of the lease can be negotiated for very reasonable amounts.

     Global Intermed recommends Mr. Jeff Shilling as a source to lease new and/or used podiatry equipment. Mr. Shilling has been providing doctors with the opportunity to lease our equipment on very competitive terms for the past decade. He is very sophisticated in terms of understanding podiatry equipment and what is required to enable our doctors to gain financing. He can be reached at:

Capital funds Equipment Leasing
2302 W 13th Street
Joplin, MO 65801

     Be sure to tell Jeff that you plan to lease your equipment from Global Intermed to facilitate the transaction. If you would like to discuss any of the above further, contact us at 440.333.0007 and ask for Mark or Sue.

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