The two primary manufacturers of podiatry whirlpools are Whitehall and Ferno Ille although there are a number of older Dakon units still in use. They differ in terms of their sizes as well as whether they use the agitator pump to siphon the tub out after use or a separate sump pump below the level of the drain. In addition, whirlpools can be categorized as stationary or portable. Stationary units require an open drain in the floor. They are emptied by opening a lift valve after use. The portable whirlpools are on wheels so that they can be moved to different rooms or to and from a plumbing source. They are more flexible because they can be drained into a sink or any open drain like the stationary ones. The portable units are emptied by either switching the agitator pump to siphon or by switching on a sump pump depending on the make and model. Portable units sometimes include a carriage so that the height of the tub can be raised off the floor. These carriages are on wheels so that the units can be moved. Auto flow controls are available to regulate the temperature of the water and the filling of the tub. They also set the time for the agitator to be on during treatments. Finally, special whirlpool chairs are available for the patients that can be adjusted with regard to height and usually incorporate a small step to help the patients get into the chair when the seat is elevated.  

     Although there were probably more Whitehall units sold throughout the profession, the Ferno Ille whirlpools are equal if not better in quality. Specifically, all of the Ferno Ille whirlpools come with the separate below the drain sump pump to empty the tub whereas only some of the Whitehalls do. The tubs of both manufacturers are fabricated with high grade stainless steel.  We usually have both of the manufacturers' units in stock and warrant them for 1 year, 100% parts & labor or replacement. Give us a call to let us know what you need. Ask for Mark or Sue.    

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